Democrats Beg GOP Governor To Stop

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is not backing down from his decision to send illegal immigrants to New York City, despite getting scolded by New York City mayor Eric Adams.

On Wednesday (August 10), three more busses carrying migrants arrived in NYC after 50 migrants had been bussed to the same area on Friday (August 5).

When migrants arrived on Wednesday, authorities were on hand to meet them. While waiting for the three busloads of migrants, NYC’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro, described Abbott as being “morally corrupt” and using the bussing of migrants to NYC as a “political ploy” designed to “foment anti-immigrant sentiment.”

His statements echo ones made by Mayor Adams at a press conference on Sunday (August 7).

Speaking outside the New York Times offices building in Manhattan, Castro said “You cannot take the words of Governor Abbott seriously. He’s demonstrated his moral character with these actions, and they’re disgusting. We do know that people are arriving with a great amount of needs because of the treatment they’ve received in the state of Texas,”

Be noted that Abbott’s actions “must be condemned… [and] looked into.”
Castro continued his statements by saying that the federal government would “take steps to hold them accountable.”

He also criticized Abbott for “forcing as much harm as possible to our cities.”

So far, Abbott, who has been calling for intervention from the Biden administration to stop the illegal immigration issue, has bused thousands of migrants from Texas border towns to Washington, D.C., and New York City.