Dem Has Insane Hunter Biden Take

Center for Strategic & International Studies, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Democratic Representative Dan Goldman of New York professed his views on Wednesday that Hunter Biden is encountering discriminatory treatment within America’s bifurcated justice system.

Nonetheless, this viewpoint faced immediate rebuttal with revelations from IRS whistleblowers.

Prior to a House Oversight Committee examination, Goldman shrugged off allegations by whistleblowers suggesting that officials from the Justice Department had tampered with the inquiry into Hunter Biden.

Goldman put forth his belief that there’s no reason to believe this situation is a case of political meddling or misuse of the Justice Department. “It’s perplexing that Hunter Biden even faced these charges in the first place.

“In my opinion, his agreement to a plea bargain suggests that there’s a prejudiced system in play against Hunter Biden,” he maintained.

However, Goldman did not provide any supporting evidence to validate his statements.

In contrast, key testimonies have emerged from two IRS whistleblowers who played vital roles in the Hunter Biden case, alleging DOJ intervention under the risk of criminal penalties. U.S. Attorney David Weiss has not categorically denied these claims, and witnesses allegedly heard Weiss confessing to the interference.

Notably, the New York Times has corroborated some of these allegations independently, contrary to Goldman’s dismissal of them as groundless.

Joseph Ziegler, a second IRS whistleblower and an openly gay Democrat, disclosed to Congress at the Oversight hearing that investigators had recommended several felony charges against Hunter Biden, which never ended up being pursued.

Ziegler shared, “In August 2022, a phone discussion with all designated prosecutors resulted in unanimous agreement for recommending felony and misdemeanor tax charges.”

But Ziegler states that DOJ officials advised Weiss to refrain from proceeding with the felony charges, as a jury might show compassion to Biden.

Ziegler relayed a comment from Weiss saying, “The Department of Justice Tax Division has raised concerns about the potential impact of evidence related to his struggles with substance abuse and the loss of his brother, Beau Biden, on jury’s judgement.”

In essence, Ziegler testified that Weiss was “repeatedly restrained, confined, and sidelined by DOJ officials and other U.S. attorneys” and that the pursuit of leads resulting from the Biden inquiry involving other Biden family members was obstructed.

In contrast to Goldman, who made his remarks from the safety of an MSNBC interview, Ziegler stood by his allegations under the threat of criminal sanctions multiple times.

In the MSNBC discussion, Goldman failed to mention the firearms charge brought against Hunter Biden.

In ordinary circumstances, those who breach the gun law, allegedly violated by Biden, could face up to ten years in prison. More often than not, the DOJ enforces this law strictly. However, in Biden’s case, a pretrial diversion was offered, potentially shielding him from criminal charges. If he complies with the diversion terms, the charge will be dropped.

Earlier in the year, the DOJ openly praised their enforcement of the same law that Biden stands accused of. Not one of the accused in those cases was offered a pretrial diversion, a fact that Goldman interestingly omitted.