Debate: ‘You Lied To 300 Million People’

( – In a heated exchange during a California senatorial debate, Republican candidate and former MLB All-Star Steve Garvey confronted Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff with the accusation, “You lied to 300 million people.”

The debate, which also included California Reps. Katie Porter and Barbara Lee saw Garvey directly challenge Schiff, a Democrat, over his conduct.

Garvey, addressing Schiff, stated, “I think you’ve been censured for lying,” referencing a resolution passed in June 2023.

This resolution censured Schiff, the former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, starting with the assertion that the allegation of President Donald Trump colluding with Russia in the 2016 Presidential election was false, as revealed by multiple investigations.

Schiff, in response, shifted focus to former President Donald Trump. “I was just called a liar by Mr. Garvey. Mr. Garvey, I was censured for standing up to a corrupt president…,” Schiff said. He continued to criticize Trump, mentioning the 91 felony counts against him and labeled him a danger to democracy.

Schiff also took aim at former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and other supporters of Trump, accusing them of enabling the former president and threatening democracy.

Garvey, however, reiterated his accusation against Schiff, saying, “Sir, you lied to 300 million people and you can’t take that back.”

The resolution against Schiff mentioned his alleged misuse of sensitive intelligence and false claims of having evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

It criticized Schiff for spreading these accusations, based on reports from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and Special Counsel Durham, which found no evidence of such collusion.

Further, the resolution condemned Schiff for his behavior during the first impeachment of President Trump, including denying communication between his staff and a whistleblower.

It asserted that Schiff’s actions hindered the Intelligence Committee’s oversight responsibilities and misled the American people, bringing shame upon the House of Representatives.