DANGEROUS Meeting Today – TENSIONS High (Video)

(TheProudRepublic.com) – As tensions between the Free World and Russia are running high over the latter’s ongoing assault on Ukraine, Russian leader Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday.

See a video of the preparations for Putin’s visit in North Korea’s capital in the tweet below!

This meeting is part of a rare diplomatic initiative that could potentially reinforce their burgeoning alliance against Western countries during the ongoing Ukraine war, National Review points out in a report.

The Kremlin announced that Putin’s two-day journey will commence on Tuesday, followed by a subsequent visit to Vietnam starting Wednesday.

Although specific details regarding the discussions have not been disclosed, it is anticipated that Russia will solicit support for its military endeavors, which initiated with its invasion of Ukraine over two years ago.

This marks Putin’s first visit to North Korea since 2000, following Kim Jong-un’s trip to Russia last September. During his visit, Kim reportedly traveled via his armored train and engaged in talks that likely involved the exchange of military support for technological advancements and food assistance.

The strengthening diplomatic ties between Russia and North Korea are expected to raise concerns among the U.S. and its allies, especially in light of accusations that North Korea has been supplying weapons to Russia in recent months. Both nations have consistently refuted any involvement in these alleged arms transactions.

In a testimony to Congress in May, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated, “North Korea’s provision of munitions and missiles, as well as Iran’s provision of drones, helped Russia get back up on their feet.”

Additionally, the State Department earlier reported that since September 2023, North Korea has delivered over 10,000 containers of munitions or related materials to Russia.

Kim Jong-un recently declared his intention to “give full support and solidarity to the successful work of the Russian army and people.” In response, the Kremlin expressed its desire to develop a comprehensive partnership with North Korea “in all possible areas.”

Putin’s forthcoming discussions with Kim occur shortly after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s participation in the 50th G7 Summit.

At this summit, Western leaders reaffirmed their support for Zelensky and resolved to lend Ukraine $50 billion from frozen Russian assets.

Additionally, over the past weekend, a peace summit was convened in Switzerland to rally international backing for Zelensky’s proposed peace plan.

While more than 80 of the 101 attending nations endorsed the summit’s final declaration supporting Ukraine, some countries aligned with Russia, such as Saudi Arabia, chose to abstain from support.

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