Dad Attacked For Teaching Teen Daughter What?

Photo by Jeff Miller on Unsplash

A husband and father took to Reddit’s famous subreddit AITA (“Am I the A—hole”) to ask whether it was wrong of him to push his daughter to learn how to gut a fish. Reddit user Fair_Moose4755 started off the post by stating that he was 38 years old and had two daughters aged 13 and 10. As he pointed out while he was growing up he was taught many different life skills and his wife and he had decided that this was a tradition they wanted to follow with their daughters.

The life skills that the girls have learned have included cooking, cleaning, and even car maintenance. He proceeded to say that his eldest daughter tends to gain a lot more “hands-on experience” and on a recent camping trip, she had been the one to make the campfire and even set up the tent.

He added that they had also gone fishing during the trip but had not managed to catch anything. This is what prompted him to go and buy some whole fish that was not gutted. This is quite a common occurrence for him as he lives by the ocean.

He proceeded to say that he wanted his daughter to learn how to get the fist since she likes eating it, which is why when they went back home he was going to teach her. However, his daughter was “grossed out” about having to gut the fish and cook it. She even told her mother that she had been forced to perform these tasks.

However, the man could not see why the daughter and wife were mad at him, as gutting a fish was a life skill much like any other.