CNN Delivers Horrible News To Biden

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

CNN delivered “horrible news” about President Joe Biden’s chances in his 2024 reelection bid after the network’s latest poll offered a bleak forecast.

According to a poll released Thursday (May 25), 66 percent of Americans consider a Biden victory in the upcoming presidential election as either a “disaster” or “setback” for America.

Reacting to the poll, CNN anchor Jake Tapper described the results as “horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden,” adding later, “Those are some bad numbers.”

CNN’s political director David Chalian analyzed the poll showing that 41 percent of Americans considered a Biden victory in 2024 a “disaster,” slightly better than the 44 percent who said the same about former President Donald Trump.

However, overall, Biden fared worse than Trump as another 26 percent of Americans considered Biden’s victory a “setback,” while only 12 percent said the same about Trump’s victory.

Both men were tied at 27 percent among those who described their respective victories as a “step forward,” but Trump had a ten-point lead over Biden among those who would consider a 2024 victory a “triumph.”

Tapper highlighted that while the figures were “worse” for Biden, most Americans believed either winning would be “a disaster or a setback,” emphasizing that both were considered frontrunners in their respective primaries.

“This is not an election the American people want,” Chalian responded.

The CNN poll also showed Biden’s approval rating at 35 percent, which Chalian said was “remarkably low.”

A breakdown of the data by party showed that while Biden’s approval rating is 79 percent among Democrats, only 26 percent of independents approve, a nine-point drop from data released in December.

Trump’s overall approval rating was slightly higher at 37 percent.

The poll got considerably worse for Biden when he was polled against his Democratic primary challengers. Although Biden won 60 percent support, a staggering 20 percent ​​supported Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while 8 percent spiritual guru and former 2020 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson and another 8 percent wanted someone else.