Climate Protesters Arrested

Red light

( – Nearly two dozen protesters rallying against the Biden administration’s policies on climate change and the Israel-Hamas conflict were arrested outside the president’s campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, as reported by the Sunrise Movement.

Around 100 demonstrators blocked the headquarters, displaying signs calling for urgent action on climate change and for President Biden to support a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war. Wilmington police detained 20 protesters, according to Sunrise.

“Climate change is at our doorstep. Our homes are flooding, we’re breathing in toxic air, Black people like me are dying while the President expands oil and gas production to record levels,” Sunrise Campaign Director Kidus Girma said. “Then President Biden goes around and claims he’s a climate president and wants our votes? That’s bullshit.”

Protesters wore shirts urging Biden to “declare a climate emergency” and carried signs with messages like “lead or lose” and “fund climate not genocide.”

This event marks the first time Sunrise has protested at the Biden campaign headquarters, after months of demonstrating at GOP presidential campaign events, including a disruption of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Fox News town hall last month. While the Biden administration has emphasized climate change as a key issue, critics from the progressive wing argue that the measures taken are insufficient. Biden and Vice President Harris have touted the climate provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) as significant efforts to address climate change.

Biden has described the IRA as “taking the most aggressive action ever on climate energy — ever.” Yet, organizations like Sunrise Movement demand more comprehensive action.

“It’s not enough now for the Democratic Party to wipe their hands and say, ‘IRA solved it all.’ We’re still in a crisis. This is still an emergency,” Sunrise electoral director Michele Weindling stated in August.