CIA Official Outed


( – In the face of mounting criticism over her biased antisemitic views, Amy McFadden, the Associate Deputy Director for Analysis at the CIA, recently altered her social media presence following scrutiny over a pro-Palestinian post.

Two weeks after Hamas, a group recognized as a terrorist organization by the U.S., attacked Israel, McFadden reportedly changed her social media cover photo to an image of a man waving a Palestinian flag. This image, commonly associated with critical stances towards Israel, was removed from her profile after the Financial Times inquired about it.

McFadden, who has been a part of the CIA’s Directorate of Analysis front office since 2020, has a background in various roles within the agency. Her experience includes working in the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, serving as deputy in the Office of North African, Arabian Peninsula, and Regional Analysis, and directing the President’s Daily Brief.

Her role in the CIA also involves overseeing the compilation of the President’s Daily Briefing and managing all analyses distributed within the agency.

Amidst the controversy surrounding her post, a source familiar with the situation told the Financial Times that McFadden allegedly intended not to take a stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They also asserted that McFadden had made Facebook posts opposing antisemitism.

After the Financial Times’ inquiry, McFadden reportedly deleted pro-Palestinian content from her Facebook page that dated back a year and a half. Additionally, the outlet reported that she had previously posted an image with the words “Free Palestine” superimposed, although this was several years ago.

Responding to inquiries, the CIA claimed that while CIA officers might hold personal views, these do not impact the agency’s commitment to unbiased analysis. A CIA spokesperson stated, “CIA officers are committed to analytic objectivity, which is at the core of what we do as an Agency. CIA officers may have personal views, but this does not lessen their – or CIA’s – commitment to unbiased analysis.”

Former intelligence officials have commented on the situation, noting the highly unusual nature of such public postings by a senior analytic manager, especially on a politically sensitive issue. They expressed concern that such actions might affect perceptions of objectivity within the CIA.