Christie Attacks Trump

( – 2024 GOP nomination frontrunner Donald Trump is in gigantic trouble, according to his ally-turned-enemy Chris Christie, who insists Republicans should do away with the former president’s presidential bid because of an upcoming earthquake in the latter’s legal woes.

In comments to several news outlets this week, Christie reacted to reports that Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has been granted immunity by US Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith.

The former New Jersey governor was a close ally of Trump during the latter’s four years in the White House, but a conflict erupted between them after the 2020 election.

Christie is presently running against the former president for the 2024 presidential nomination of the Republican Party.

In a Fox News interview on Wednesday, Christie argued that the four criminal indictments of former President Donald Trump meant the GOP should choose someone else as its 2024 presidential candidate.

“The walls are closing in around him. I understand that, and more importantly, he understands that,” the former New Jersey governor told the program “Your World.”

“I was there in 2020 when Mark Meadows was chief of staff, regularly preparing Donald Trump for the debates against Joe Biden. I can tell you that Mark Meadows was velcroed to Donald Trump’s hip in the White House at that time,” he added.

Christie insisted that Meadows’ immunity granted to him by the Biden administration’s Justice Department would have massive consequences.

“That means that Mark Meadows knows everything. Everything that Donald Trump said, and did, and ordered other people to do on his behalf, and just as importantly, everything that he was told about the lack of facts to back up his contention that the election was stolen. Yet he continued to act as he did then and as he does now,” the Trump rival said.

In other comments, Christie predicted Meadows would likely give the DOJ “devastating” information on the former president.

“You do not give immunity, complete immunity, to the former White House chief of staff unless he’s got information that is devastating and that you couldn’t get any other way. Donald Trump is in huge trouble,” he told Recount.

In a CNN interview, Christie made the same point, asserting that the GOP needed a presidential candidate who would make the 2020 election about Joe Biden, rather than Donald Trump.