Chris Christie, VP For Who?

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, has categorically stated that he would reject the position of vice president under ex-President Trump, should it be offered.

Christie conveyed his lack of interest in the role during a Newsmax interview on Tuesday, remarking, “Having spoken to Mike Pence, the role doesn’t seem too enticing.”

These comments surfaced as Christie once more provoked Trump to engage in a debate. Despite indications that Trump plans to forego the initial GOP presidential debate set for the upcoming month, Christie, being one of the loudest GOP critics of Trump, has consistently emphasized the necessity for Trump to engage in a debate with other contenders. He even boldly pledged last week to physically overpower Trump, pronouncing that he would “take him down.”

Christie confidently declared, “I’m ready to face off against Donald Trump wherever he chooses, in whatever setting — be it a debate or a UFC match.”

The once cooperative duo have since resorted to personal taunts, often remarking about each other’s physical appearance. Much of Christie’s campaign strategy has centered on opposing Trump.

Recent nationwide polls indicate that Trump has a substantial advantage over his GOP rivals, garnering an average support of 50 percent from respondents, while Christie’s support hovers around 3 percent.