Chicago Starts War With Texas

( – In a ridiculous decision, and one also screaming “leftist hypocrisy” even louder than before, the Democrat-run city of Chicago has practically declared war on Texas by deciding to impound the latter’s buses bringing in migrant invaders allowed to waltz into the US by President Joe Biden.

More than 8 million Third World migrants, or even up to 10 million, according to some estimates, have invaded the nation since Biden occupied the White House three years back.

The Texas authorities have been shipping off migrants to Democrat-run communities such as Chicago, New York City, and Washington, DC, to bring the problem to leftist administrations and relieve their own burden.

On Wednesday, the Democrat-dominated Chicago City Council approved a new ordinance aimed at tackling the migrant buses arriving from Texas, particularly those initiated by its Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

This ordinance empowers the city to impound and tow buses that fail to comply with newly established regulations, The Daily Caller reports.

Under the new ordinance, buses transporting migrants will face penalties if they do not adhere to specific offloading locations or neglect to submit necessary paperwork. These measures were announced in a statement from the city.

Chicago’s Democrat Mayor, Brandon Johnson, criticized Abbott’s transportation strategy, asserting that the buses have been circumventing regulations set by the city council in November.

According to Johnson, these buses have been offloading migrants in unsafe and uncoordinated manners, such as amid traffic, at O’Hare Airport, on random street corners, and in neighboring suburbs, all without prior communication with the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC).

“We have put these protocols in place because after being bussed thousands of miles, rogue bus operators are dropping new arrivals in Cicero, Rosemont, Schiller Park, and places other than our designated landing zone,” Johnson said in his statement on Wednesday.

“This inhumane treatment further endangers the safety and security of asylum seekers, and adds additional strain to city departments, volunteers and mutual aid partners tasked with easing what is already a harsh transition,” the leftist mayor argued.

Chicago impounded its first migrant bus on Wednesday evening, according to ABC7.

Since August 2022, when Abbott initiated his busing effort, Chicago has received a total of 25,600 migrants, according to the city.

Abbott has claimed that 23,400 migrants have been bused to the Windy City.

Other cities, including Denver and El Paso, have also sent migrants to Chicago.