Cher Loses

( – Cher’s attempt to establish a temporary emergency conservatorship for her son, Elijah Blue Allman, aged 47, was recently declined by a court.

The judge’s decision was influenced by Allman’s current management of his finances and his drug-free status, confirmed by multiple drug tests, as reported by People.

The court session saw Allman present with his legal representatives and estranged wife, Marieangela King. Cher participated in the hearing remotely, with her lawyers attending in person. The conservatorship proposal, advocated by Cher’s legal team, was rooted in concerns about Allman’s schizoaffective disorder, which had led to several instances of involuntary psychiatric hospitalization (5150 holds) over the past year.

Despite recognizing Cher’s worries for her son, the judge concluded that the case for conservatorship was more about fears than concrete risks.

The judge stated, “I have not seen the evidence to grant a temporary, emergency conservatorship as of today,” thereby denying the request.

Previously, Cher had sought to be appointed as the sole conservator of Allman’s estate. According to media reports, she claimed her son was significantly incapable of managing his finances due to serious mental health and substance abuse problems.

The petition also pointed out that Allman’s estranged wife should not be considered for the conservator role, highlighting their unstable relationship marred by drug addiction and mental health issues.

Allman, countering his mother’s petition, argued that there was no immediate crisis justifying a conservatorship.

He acknowledged past issues with addiction and financial mismanagement but emphasized his current sobriety and ongoing medical treatment.