Business Owner Trashes Insane Democrat Governor and Mayor

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

John Chachas, the CEO of Gump, a historic luxury department store in San Francisco while speaking with Fox News Digital about the full-page ad he had purchased in the San Francisco Chronicle and his decision to call many top Democrats in the area including Governor Gavin Newsom and Mayor London Breed.

Chachas stated that elected officials had been the ones at fault for the declining condition of the city, and he even threatened that should there be no changes then he would be taking his business elsewhere.

Gump, which has been open for more than 164 years, is a popular stop for those who are looking to come into the City by the Bay. However, in his full-page ad, Chachas claimed that because of Newsom, Breed, and the Board of Supervisors in the city, the upcoming holiday period might be the last one for his store. He proceeded to argue that many people’s livelihood is affected by the “tyranny of the minority” which has taken over the city.

In the open letter that was included in the paper, Chachas pointed out that the COVID-19 policies which had resulted in many people leaving their offices have had long-term ramifications that they were only now starting to understand. The destructive strategies in San Francisco had also meant that the city has deteriorated as the homeless are simply left on the sidewalk where they can deal drugs, and harass the public. He argued that this disregard has led to the city becoming unlivable and unsafe both for residents and visitors.