BREAKING: New GOP Speaker Scores First ‘Win’

( – BREAKING NOW: In what some are calling a “win” for Republicans while many fiscal conservatives see it as more of the same, the United States House of Representatives just voted to avert a federal government shutdown that was on track to hit this weekend.

According to Newsmax, as part of its report headlined “US Clears Key Hurdle in Race to Avert Government Shutdown“:

U.S. lawmakers in the House on Tuesday approved a stop-gap bill to keep the government open as its funding runs out, greatly reducing the threat of a painful shutdown that would leave government workers without pay over Thanksgiving and Congress unable to address urgent crises in Ukraine and Israel.

“With the U.S. Capitol paralyzed by infighting for much of its latest session, neither the Democrat-led Senate nor the Republican House of Representatives passed 2024 budgets for the various federal departments by the deadline of midnight Friday into Saturday.” [emphasis added]

But not all are happy.

“The House approved a bill that essentially puts off the problem until January of 2024 — a presidential election year — but the majority Republicans needed help from Democrats amid a rebellion among conservatives irritated by the temporary fix.” [emphasis added]

Americans can be excused if this seems like more of the same political games they’ve watched for several decades.