Border Patrol Slams Border Bill

( – Utterly outraged by the left’s attempt to keep up the catastrophic illegal immigrant invasion with the Senate border bill, US Border Patrol agents have cursed at the Democrats and anyone who supports the legislation, saying it puts in writing what the Biden administration has been doing for 3 years.

Four Border Patrol officers interviewed by The Daily Caller have voiced their fury over the new Senate funding bill.

They note that the bill, known as the Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024 (ENSSAA), seems to increase the resources of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and add detention beds for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) while improving efforts to intercept fentanyl.

Yet, they are sure that it will not effectively address the ongoing illegal immigration issue because it will perpetuate the “catch and release” policy for illegal immigrants, particularly for families and single adults who express a credible fear of persecution if they return to their countries.

“Now that I’ve seen more of it, they can respectfully go f— themselves. The more I’m seeing the more it just puts what they’ve been doing in writing,” said one Border Patrol agent.

“You want to shut this down, it’s real easy. Team up [the Department of Defense] with DHS and let us enforce like we were supposed to,” the officer added.

Another blasted the US approach to border security as uniquely puzzling.

“I feel like we are the only nation in the world that is this dumb about the border,” the agent said.

Despite these criticisms, the Border Patrol union has given its approval to the bill’s funding for border security.

It described it as an improvement over the current situation, although not without flaws.

The bill proposes that members of families released from Border Patrol custody be monitored through Alternatives to Detention, which include ankle monitors and phones.

Andrew “Art” Arthur, a law and policy expert at the Center for Immigration Studies, also stresses that the new bill continues “catch and release,” as migrants claiming fear of returning home are released without appearing before an immigration judge.

“It’s a load of b–ls–t. We don’t need a border bill; we need to enforce the laws on the books,” commented another US Border Patrol agent.