Border Patrol Announces ‘Serious Threat’

( – Over Memorial Day weekend, Border Patrol agents arrested ten illegals linked to the notorious Venezuelan international gang Tren de Aragua, labeling them as a ‘serious threat.’

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens reported the arrests, noting that these individuals are involved with serious criminal activities and pose a significant threat to community safety.

“Over the weekend, USBP agents across Texas arrested 10 subjects affiliated with the Venezuelan gang, ‘Tren de Aragua,’ Owens tweeted. “Keep your eye on this gang. Their criminal activities represent a serious threat to our communities! All 10 subjects will be processed for removal from the US.”

Originally formed in 2014 within a prison in the Venezuelan state of Aragua, Tren de Aragua has evolved into Venezuela’s largest criminal organization, boasting approximately 5,000 members who operate not just in Venezuela but across Latin America and the U.S.

This group has notably “revolutionized” criminal activities in Latin America, with federal immigration authorities indicating that the gang is trying to establish a more significant foothold in the U.S.

Moreover, the gang’s members are implicated in several high-profile criminal acts, which include the case of an illegal alien accused of kidnapping and murdering a man in Florida last year.

Another suspected member faced arrest after attempting to present a forged green card to authorities. This alien is the brother of another illegal linked to the murder of a Georgia nursing student.

In response to the growing threat, Senate and House Republicans have pressed the Biden administration earlier this year to officially recognize Tren de Aragua as a transnational criminal organization. They argued that this designation would enhance the government’s ability to counter the gang’s activities.

The GOP lawmakers stated:

“Tren de Aragua is an invading criminal army from a prison in Venezuela that has spread their brutality and chaos to U.S. cities and small towns. If left unchecked, they will unleash an unprecedented reign of terror, mirroring the devastation it has already inflicted in communities throughout Central and South America.”

They also emphasized the wide range of criminal operations conducted by the gang, which include murder, drug and human trafficking, sex crimes, extortion, and kidnapping.

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