Bombshell Poll Results

Red light

As the clock ticks down to the South Carolina Republican primary the battle lines are drawn with former President Donald Trump and Nikki Haley taking center stage.

In a recent CBS News/YouGov poll the numbers speak volumes revealing where the hearts and minds of registered Republican voters in the state lie. With less than two weeks to go the anticipation is palpable setting the stage for a showdown that could very well dictate the direction of the GOP.

Here’s a breakdown of what the poll revealed:

– 65% of registered Republican voters in South Carolina are throwing their support behind Trump.

– Haley has secured 30% of the vote.

– A slim 4% are eyeing someone else for their primary pick.

Digging deeper, the reasons behind voter preferences emerge:

– Trump’s presidential record is the key factor for 46% of his supporters.

– 16% stand by him through his legal battles, seeing their vote as a show of support.

– 40% appreciate the predictability, saying they know what to expect with Trump.

– For 8%, the preference for a male president influences their choice.

When it comes to likability:

– Haley is deemed likable by 52% of the respondents.

– Trump’s likability stands at 32%.

Reflecting on past roles:

– 60% approve of Haley’s tenure as South Carolina’s governor, while 22% disapprove, and 17% remain undecided.

– Trump’s presidency gets a nod of approval from 82%, with 15% disapproving and 3% unsure.

Identifying with the MAGA movement:

– Only 24% see Haley as part of the MAGA camp, whereas 76% do not.

– 81% believe Trump people like them, compared to 19% who disagree.

Haley’s advocacy for the common man is acknowledged by:

– 56% of voters, while 44% feel she does not represent their interests.

On the topic of abortion:

– 7% advocate for it to be legal in all cases.

– 20% support its legality in most scenarios.

– A majority of 55% want it illegal in most cases.

– 18% believe it should be outlawed entirely.

Conducted from February 5-10 the poll surveyed 483 registered voters in South Carolina and comes with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.