Boebert Wins

( – In her ongoing battle with her ex-husband, United States Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican, has notched a small victory.

Legal documents reveal that Boebert obtained a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, on Monday, as reported by multiple outlets. The move follows allegations that Jayson made threats against her well-being and his own over the past 14 months, according to The Denver Post. Lauren’s legal filings, received by the Garfield County court on Friday, alleged threats and an unauthorized entry by Jayson into her Colorado home.

Lauren’s request for a protective order for herself and her four children, three of whom are under 18, cited concerns about stalking and potential physical harm, The Denver Post reported. Allegedly, Jayson unlawfully entered her residence in Silt on Friday morning, took her personal items, and later confessed to destroying them via text. Consequently, a judge approved a provisional protective order for Lauren and her three underage children on the same day. Jayson is scheduled for a court hearing regarding the protective order on Thursday.

Jayson, however, defended his actions, claiming he entered the home to prepare for a visit from “her Granny,” as per a text message sent to The Associated Press (AP). He denied intentions of harming Lauren, asserting, “I just want to move on and be in peace.”

He also alleged that Lauren was exploiting the order to facilitate a move to a different congressional district. Additionally, Lauren referenced an alleged altercation involving Jayson and their 18-year-old son on Jan. 9 in her legal filing. This dispute reportedly escalated, prompting their son to contact the police, while Jayson allegedly seized a rifle and left the scene. Lauren was not present during this incident.

Charges against Jayson included harassment, illegal weapon use, and third-degree assault, according to the documents. Jayson chose not to directly address inquiries about the events of Jan. 9 in his communications with the AP.