BLM Memorial Demolished

( – In a highly unlikely far-leftist admission that lawlessness issues in Seattle have really gone awry, the local authorities have demolished a Black Lives Matter (BLM) memorial because it has become a cesspool of crime, vandalism, drug use and homelessness.

The Parks and Recreation Division of Seattle undertook the demolition of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) memorial under the watchful eye of law enforcement on Wednesday morning, The Seattle Times reports, as cited by The Daily Caller.

This action was executed in response to the city’s assertion that the Black Lives Matter Memorial Garden, which spontaneously emerged in Cal Anderson Park amid the 2020 protests, had devolved into a site prone to illicit drug activities and other criminal behaviors, including unsanctioned camping and defacement of property.

Rachel Shulkin, a spokesperson for Seattle Parks, told the Times there had been pressing concerns about public health and safety and the essential need for area maintenance.

“In recent months, the temporary garden has created unsafe conditions for all park users, including the vandalism of Cal Anderson public bathrooms, public drug use, unauthorized camping and a significant rodent problem, along with other issues,” she said.

According to the report, Seattle’s authorities have published statements, jointly endorsed by local black leaders, supporting this move.

Concurrently, the city has pledged to “conceptualize” a new garden in a different location.

However, the coalition responsible for maintaining the garden, known as the Black Star Farmers, expressed a contrasting viewpoint.

They informed the Times about the profound sense of loss felt by those who frequented the garden.

They mourned the demolition of what they saw as a physical manifestation of years of collaborative efforts, connections fostered with plant life, and the exchange of food and gardening expertise.

“The city pulled up on our garden, but our roots still stand strong,” the gardeners declared on Instagram.

The article notes that an online petition advocating for the preservation of the garden has amassed signatures from over 5,000 individuals.

The petitioners emphasize that “The BLMG is also a hub for education, community-building, and environmental justice.”

In a separate report by The Seattle Times, it was highlighted that during the summer of 2020, Cal Anderson Park was the locus of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

It was during this period that a disabled teenager from Seattle tragically lost his life in a shooting incident amidst a conspicuous absence of police presence.