Black Dem Mayor Switches to GOP (Video)

Red light

( – In a surprising political move, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson announced his switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

Johnson shared the reasons behind his decision during an interview on Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) “Verdict” podcast, co-hosted by Ben Ferguson.

Growing up in a family that valued faith, hard work, and the law, Johnson explained how these principles shaped his political views, which he felt were increasingly at odds with the Democratic Party.

“And so, I think I was always politically in a weird posture with the Democratic Party, because at its core — and I didn’t understand this at the very beginning — … you sort of inherit the Democratic Party as a cultural heirloom, when you’re African American in this country, it sort of gets handed to you, as part of who you are,” he said.

The response to his party switch was intense and personal, with more people reaching out to him in panic over this decision than they would have if he had announced he was leaving his church.

Johnson critiqued the Democratic Party’s core belief that individuals’ outcomes are largely beyond their control, attributing success or failure to factors like race or the neighborhood one is born into.

“At the Democratic Party’s core, as I was saying, is a belief that how things turn out for you in this country are largely determined by things that are outside of your control, the race you’re born, the neighborhood you’re born in, it just kind of excuses away your failures and excuses away your successes to something that’s out of your control,” Johnson added.

Emphasizing personal responsibility, Johnson articulated his disagreement with the notion that the Democratic Party, or any party, is the key to an individual’s success. “The winning formula ends up being exactly what the conservative ideology would tell you,” he pointed out.

You can check Mayor Johnson’s interview with Senator Cruz HERE: