‘Biological Attack’ Aimed at Trump, GOP Headquarters (Video)

(TheProudRepublic.com) – In a potentially dangerous “biological attack” against Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee’s headquarters has been thrust into a state of lockdown after two vials of blood had been found within a package addressed to the former president.

See a video report on the incident in the tweet below!

This alarming incident on Wednesday morning prompted the party’s chairman to describe it as a “biological attack,” The New York Post reports.

“Today, vials of blood were sent to RNC Headquarters in DC. We are thankful to law enforcement, who responded quickly and ensured everyone’s safety. The lockdown has been cleared and staff has resumed their office duties because we remain unintimidated and undeterred in our efforts to elect President Trump to the White House,” declared RNC Chairman Michael Whatley.

His formal statement revealed the swift resolution of the crisis later that same day.

In the wake of this unsettling event, Whatley also drew connections to other hostile activities.

“This revolting attack comes on the heels of pro-Hamas protestors violently demonstrating on college campuses and deranged Biden supporters physically attacking our campaign volunteers for supporting President Trump,” he added.

While the vials were specifically addressed to Donald Trump, the origin and ownership of the blood remain shrouded in mystery, according to one insider familiar with the details who spoke to the Associated Press.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in the incident.

Nevertheless, the presence of potentially hazardous material prompted a swift response: a hazardous materials unit was deployed to the scene, and RNC staff were compelled to evacuate the premises, congregating outside while safety checks were conducted for approximately an hour.

Capitol Police later confirmed the nature of the package’s contents, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

“The package was cleared by our Hazardous Incident Response Division,” their statement said, promising further investigation into the source and contents of the package.

Sources revealed to The Post that an “all clear” was declared around 9:40 a.m. EST, allowing employees to return to their workstations and continue their preparations for the upcoming election.

The incident underscores the intense political atmosphere as allies of the 45th president consolidated their control over the party’s structure in early March, following Trump’s emergence as the presumptive GOP nominee.

Following this shift, Whatley and Lara Trump were unanimously elected as chair and co-chair of the RNC, respectively.

This leadership transition also included organizational changes, with some employees being informed that they would need to reapply for their positions.

Amid these changes, the RNC team, guided by Trump adviser Chris LaCivita, remains active at the DC headquarters, vigorously preparing for the pivotal election scheduled for November 5.

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