Bikini Barista Gets REVENGE (Video)

( – In a controversial and explosive incident caught on camera, a barista dressed in a bikini struck a customer’s car windshield with a hammer during an altercation concerning a $22 coffee bill, eliciting support from online followers.

See the video of the incident in the tweet below!

Emma Lee, 23, was recorded on surveillance footage wielding a hammer during a disagreement that occurred at her drive-thru coffee establishment, A Taste of Heaven Espresso, located in South Seattle.

Lee explained to a local news station that her actions towards the customer’s vehicle were in response to him stepping out of his car, approaching the drive-thru window, and hurling an iced coffee at her.

Additionally, she claimed that the man menaced her by stating, “Nobody is going to miss you.”

“It was a threat after screaming, spitting, and trying to pry open the window,” the young entrepreneur disclosed to FOX 13. “I felt in danger.”

Lee informed the media outlet that the customer had ordered a 32-ounce coffee along with a 24-ounce water, which summed to approximately $22.

She noted that the man was a frequent customer who had previously expressed dissatisfaction with the cost of his purchases.

“No one is forcing you to come here,” she purportedly told him.

“The argument that he didn’t know or was scammed doesn’t hold up,” the barista asserted. “The prices are listed.”

Lee contacted the police and initiated misdemeanor assault charges against the patron.

Nevertheless, FOX 13 indicated that the individual might pursue legal action against her in small claims court to recover the expense of his windshield.

Lee stated she is not concerned about appearing in court and believes she should not be treated any differently from other baristas merely because she serves coffee attired in revealing swimwear.

“Why should this kind of interaction be expected because of the environment? It’s disgusting,” Lee remarked. “It’s okay for him to be outraged, but it’s not appropriate for me to respond?”

On Instagram, Lee posted portions of the surveillance video showcasing the conflict. Several viewers commented, supporting her decision to attack the customer’s car with a hammer.

“I showed this to my kids! If we react like this, fewer men would think it was okay to speak to us in this manner,” an admirer stated.

However, some were less enthusiastic about Lee’s reaction.

“So you then commit a felony and aggravated assault him… not a good look sweet pea,” a critic remarked. “I hope you mend your relationship with your father.”

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