Biden’s Press Secretary Snaps At Reporter

Everything is a mess.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been having an extremely difficult time defending President Biden as of lately and things appear to be getting harder for her.

With Biden having fumbled the Afghanistan withdrawal, a floundering economy, and the border which appears to millions of illegals as being “wide open,” it’s safe to say that Psaki is having a difficult time answering the media.
Now, Psaki is facing new questions from reporters regarding the supply chain issues and how Americans will deal with it heading into the holiday season and she LOST IT!

According to the Gateway Pundit, after the Biden administration announced to America that many people won’t be able to get the things they want in time for Christmas, Psaki lashed out at a reporter and said “We are not the Postal Service, or UPS, or FedEx.


Apparently, there is currently a cargo crisis and a record breaking amount of cargo ships are “bottlenecked” at several ports across the country and shipping containers are stacking up quickly.

The White House is asking Americans to be patient with the expected delays raising the question, “How much longer can Americans continue to be patient with Biden and his administration?”

It might be a good idea to get all of your Christmas shopping done now because there is no telling what will happen in December. Gas prices continue to soar and it might be wise to keep traveling as little as possible during the holiday season as well.