Biden’s DOJ Erupts On Republicans

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

The Department of Justice has slammed House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan following the subpoena received by Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray from the committee. The Justice Department had argued that the subpoenas are “premature.”

Last week, Jordan sent out a subpoena in order to get Wray to deliver the requested document and communications relating to the FBI’s “misuse of federal criminal and counterterrorism resources” which allowed for the targeting of parents at school board meetings. A subpoena was also sent to Garland and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona requesting all documents relating to the case of the targeted parents.

Wray will have to turn over the documents by 9 a.m. ET on March 1 according to the subpoena. The requested documents will also showcase the role of the Justice Department’s task force in identifying school board threats as well as the part that the FBI played in the identification.

The Department of Justice responded to Jordan in a letter where they claimed that the decision to send a subpoena was “premature” especially as they have previously accepted engaging with the Judiciary committee.

Carlos Felipe Uriarte, assistant attorney general for the Office of Legislative Affairs, wrote that the Department is ready to address any “informational needs” the committee has and that they would be willing to provide the information needed on a voluntary basis while also “respecting Executive Branch interests.”

He continued by saying that most “congressional requests for information are resolved through voluntary discussion and cooperation.” He added that both Congress and the Executive Branch are constitutionally mandated to negotiate the information needed while protecting the interests of the Executive Branch.