Biden’s ‘Cowardly Sniveling Policy’ Slammed

( – Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton has slammed Joe Biden’s handling of murderous assaults by groups supported by Iran, which have resulted in the deaths of American soldiers.

Speaking on Fox News with Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer, Cotton criticized the Biden administration for its tepid military responses, often aimed at unoccupied structures, which, according to him, only serves to embolden Iran and its allies. He went as far as calling out Biden’s “cowardly sniveling policy.”

Senator Tom Cotton firmly criticized the approach of the Biden administration and its predecessors towards Iran, highlighting a diplomatic strategy he perceives as overly accommodating to a regime that has not shied away from expressing its animosity towards the United States and Israel.

During his appearance on Fox News, Cotton pointed out the Biden administration’s responses to Iranian-backed attacks on U.S. forces as insufficient and ineffective, noting that such retaliation often missed the mark by targeting non-strategic, uninhabited sites.

Cotton stressed the need for a more assertive military posture that goes beyond mere symbolic actions to directly confront Iranian military forces and their regional proxies.

Cotton criticized the existing policy towards Iran for not being robust enough to counteract Iranian hostility and to provide adequate protection for U.S. military personnel. He highlighted the need for a shift towards a more aggressive approach that directly targets the threats posed by Iran and its proxies, rather than the current, more reactive stance.

Cotton also expressed skepticism about the overall foreign policy direction under the Biden administration, describing it as excessively cautious and not sufficiently aggressive to deter Iran’s aggressive actions.

He advocated for clear, forceful military measures to break the cycle of Iranian provocations and to defend American interests and the safety of American lives.

Regarding the issue of presidential power to initiate military actions independently of Congress, Cotton emphasized the president’s fundamental responsibility to protect American military personnel and national interests. However, he voiced doubts about Biden’s readiness and ability to decisively exercise this power, pointing to a pattern of reluctance to respond assertively to acts of aggression against American forces.