Biden’s Border Catastrophe Worsens

Photo by Jannik Kiel on Unsplash

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According to recent data, a sector of the southern border has experienced more than 100,000 illegal encounters since October 1st. The exact figure reveals a 163% increase compared to the same period in 2020.

These shocking statistics come as the Biden administration reinstates President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

The policy – which President Joe Biden first scrapped when he entered office – was established to deal with the influx of migrants.

A source working in the Homeland Security Department revealed that the Rio Grande Valley sector experienced 2,284 illegal encounters in 24-hours. These numbers are similar to developments in November when 262 migrants inundated agents in the sector.

So far, border patrol has recorded 9,500 getaways since October 1st, with the overall figure for illegal encounters reaching 101,808.

These figures come just as the Biden administration announced it was reinstating Trump’s provocative Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), commonly referred to as the “Remain in Mexico” policy. The policy’s objective is to keep undocumented migrants on the other side of the border while waiting for a hearing.

About the policy’s reinstatement, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas mentioned in a memo that he had plans to end the program in October.

Mayorkas also mentioned that he believed the MPP had “endemic flaws, imposed unjustifiable human costs, pulled resources and personnel away from other priority efforts, and failed to address the root causes of irregular migration.”

Nevertheless, since a judge ordered the policy to be reinstated in August, citing that President Joe Biden hadn’t followed proper protocol, the DHS would start the reimplementation on Monday (December 6th). In a press release, the DHS substantiated that it would begin the court-mandated reimplementation in one location while hoping to expand after addressing security and operational constraints with the GOM.

As it stands, the GOP blames the current border incidents on the Biden administration’s policies, which included reversing MPP. However, the current administration believes the Trump administration’s policies to shut down legal asylum avenues as the cause of the ongoing border crisis.