Biden To Get Shock Of His Life

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

Even the Democrats will know they messed up.

Republican Representative Jim Banks of Indiana said he believed the midterms be the Democrats’ “come-to-Jesus” moment on inflation.

Banks is the chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) and in a telephonic interview with Fox News Digital on Thursday, criticized Biden’s changing rhetoric on inflation.

Banks said the message Biden was sending on inflation was “confusing at best and highly inaccurate and misleading at worst,” adding that inflation was an issue “for almost a year” and that American families were now having to contend with “higher cost of everything that’s related to inflation.”

The Indiana Republican then emphasized Biden’s changing stances on inflation, saying that it seemed that “at this point” Biden was “willing to ignore inflation” after he “talked about it not being real” then pivoted to it “being transitory or temporary.”

He continued saying that Biden’s remarks were taking place while the President or “any Democrat on Capitol Hill” has failed to outline a plan on what they would be doing about the current inflation. Banks added that “the American people see that for what it is, and that’s why they blame Joe Biden and the Democrats for what inflation is doing to so greatly affect and devastate the livelihoods of so many Americans.”

The Republican, who was raised in a working-class family, then predicted the midterms would be “the come-to-Jesus moment for Democrats.”

Banks also pointed out how Democrats were ignoring everything “from inflation to the border crisis,” including an increase in crime and the “drug epidemic,” but said that while they “truly ignore all of it” their “come-to-Jesus moment is going to happen in November.”

He continued his statements, saying that Democrats had become “so dissociated with working-class Americans,” adding that this dissociation would have a “political consequence on this election.”