Biden Rocked Over Inflation

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Is Biden really to blame?

Speaking to Newsmax “Wake Up America” on Monday (December 27), Republican House Representative Vicky Hartzler mentioned that Democrat leaders would only prolong growing inflation unless they understood what Americans were going through.

Hartzler blamed inflation on Democrats’ “spending binge,” saying that the Biden Presidency thinks that spending more would solve inflation while highlighting that the thinking was ineffective because inflation was a form of taxation that required people to spend more while “receiving less wages.”

The Missouri Republican also called attention to the fact that inflation had gone up every month of Biden’s presidency, something that she believed would only be fueled by the Democrats’ adamancy to pass the Build Back Better bill.

During the Monday broadcast, Hartzler went on to say that inflation would only grow unless the Biden administration stopped “spending money that we don’t have” and addressed issues in the supply chain.

Elaborating on how escalating inflation was linked to the supply chain and government spending, Rep. Hartzler explained that despite the government pumping more money into the system, there would be fewer goods as people were incentivized “to stay home and to not work.” She then continued by saying, “I’m fighting to stop this excessive spending to force us to live within our means like American families do,” revealing that this stance is the reason she is “supportive of the balanced budget amendment.”

The final nail in the coffin causing skyrocketing inflation, according to Hartzler, was President Joe Biden’s policies, inflation that she said “hardly” existed during former President Donald Trump’s tenure.

Part of the policies Hartzler drew attention to included a “massive spending bill” that included $2 trillion more spending than the $1 trillion “left of money that hadn’t even gone out from former COVID packages.”

Other policies drawing criticism from Hartzler was the infrastructure bill that only “allowed 10% for roads and bridges” and “$5 trillion on the ‘build back broke.’”

Yet Hartzler believed Republicans would take back the majority of the House and Senate in the upcoming 2022 elections, as 23 Democrats were retiring. This move would allow Republicans “to stop this trainwreck and save America from this socialist agenda that the Bidens are imposing on us,” preserving America’s greatness, according to Hartzler.