Biden Moves Border Patrol To Where?

Photo by humberto chavez on Unsplash

According to a Customs and Border Patrol spokesperson, 25 agents have been stationed at a busy section of the Nothern Border, as migrants, especially those from Mexico, have started crossing into the country from Canada.

The 25 border patrol agents reassigned to the northern border began their work on Monday (March 6), with a source familiar with the reassignment revealing some of the group were previously assigned to the Southern Border.

Reports surfaced at the beginning of February that many Mexican migrants were crossing into the U.S. from Canada after legally arriving in Canada via air.

Although the Southern Border is significantly busier than the northern border for undocumented migrants to cross into the U.S., the CBP is taking note of the rise in crossings at the U.S.-Canada border and providing further resources, according to the source.

A spokesperson for the CBP explained that the agency reassigned some agents from sectors “not experiencing an influx” to the Swanson Sector along the U.S.-Canada border.

The move, the spokesperson said, was made as a result of “migration fluctuations along the Northern Border.”

The CBP spokesperson acknowledged that apprehensions were “small” compared to other sectors experiencing irregular migrant crossings but were a notable change for the Sector.

The spokesperson added that the additional Border Patrol agents assigned to the Swanson Sector would be a “force multiplier” assisting in deterring and disrupting “human smuggling activities” happening at Swanson.

The Swanson Sector of the border, which includes sections of Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire, had an 864 percent increase in apprehensions from October 2022 to January 2023.