Biden Lawyer Throws a Fit

Joe Biden

( – Perhaps because the report exposed the actual truth about Joe Biden’s deteriorating mental fitness that the Democrats are trying to hide from the public, one of Biden’s attorneys went on television yesterday and threw a fit.

The attorney, Bob Bauer, criticized special counsel Robert Hur for what he called a “shoddy work product” in his investigation, which cleared Biden of illegally keeping classified documents but questioned his mental acuity.

Hur described Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” a portrayal Biden has fiercely contested. Bauer claimed that Hur’s report was more a personal attack than a judicial inquiry, stating, “The investigation could have been concluded in two or three months. It went on for over 15 months,” during an interview on CBS “Face the Nation.” He added that the report included “factual misstatements and pejorative comments about the President” which he found “totally inappropriate.”

Biden’s legal team has been vocal in their disappointment, calling Hur’s comments on Biden’s mental state “inflammatory” and unbecoming of a prosecutor. Despite requests to adjust the language in the report, Bauer said these were ignored.

While the report did not find Biden criminally responsible for holding onto classified information, it has nonetheless sparked debate among Biden’s supporters regarding Hur’s motives, given his appointment by President Trump in 2018.

Bauer, who was present during Biden’s interview with Hur, defended the president’s mental sharpness, arguing that Biden provided his “best recollection” and was fully engaged, challenging Hur’s selective portrayal of the president’s responses.

He also suggested that Hur’s criticisms might be politically motivated, aiming to appease critics within his party despite the legal findings clearing Biden. “What I was concerned about is that we had a special counsel who had one eye on the legal conclusions and one eye on the inevitable storm from members of his own party,” Bauer said.