Biden Issues New Warning For Americans

Adam Schultz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Mansfield Energy, a fuel supplier on the East coast, has warned businesses about a diesel shortage, telling them to plan rather than panic.

The fuel supplier raised the red flag last week about an upcoming diesel shortage hitting the U.S.’s southeastern, suggesting the issue would arise as a result of poor pipeline shipping economies” in addition to fuel reserves being historically low.

Usually, the East Coast has 50 million barrels in storage; however, there are currently only 25 million barrels.

Addressing the shortage, Mansfield Energy released a press release on Monday (October 31) explaining that “A tight diesel supply will force prices to go up, which will eventually make it too expensive for some people.” The company added, “High prices will bring demand back down enough that it balances with limited supply.”

The company noted that although consumers will feel pain at the pump businesses relying on diesel will still have supply.

The company added, “That is not to say there will not occasionally be situations where there is a true physical lack of products.”

Mansfield Energy explained, “Some cities might run dry on diesel for a few days, at least at the terminal level. But the fuel supply chain is dynamic, and suppliers will rally to fill in any gaps in supply.”

The fuel supplier also told bulk diesel-buying businesses not to panic-buy and order fuel when they weren’t sure whether they could store the fuel, saying that diesel should still be available as normal in “most areas.”

In their press release, Mansfield Energy told consumers that it was unlikely consumers would experience “widespread fuel stations with bags over the pumps,” adding that “on a rare occasion” when it happens, they’d hear it through the news.