Biden Is Doomed

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Sorry Joe.

According to a national survey Fox News released on Sunday (January 23), six in ten voters would vote for another candidate besides President Biden if the 2024 presidential election were held now.

Biden has ended his first year in office with more than half of voters disapproving of his overall performance, particularly his performance on the economy and pandemic. Americans are struggling with economic anxiety worse than a year ago and feel the pandemic is not under control.

Biden’s current approval ratings also show a persistent decline since his 100-day mark in office in April, where 54 percent of voters approved. Now, the President is dealing with a 7 point decline attributed to a drop of support among Democrat voters. In April, 95% of Democrat voters approved of the President, now only 85% do. Independent and Republican voters are also more disapproving but only by one or two points.

In June, Biden’s approval reached a high of 56 percent but fell to a low in November of 44 percent.

Kamala Harris’ approval rating is even more dismal than the President’s as only 43 percent of voters approve, compared to 54 percent who don’t. Among Democrats, she also has a lower approval rate than Biden, reaching 78 percent, and a mere 11 percent among Republicans.

A deeper dive into critical issues show Biden’s approval rating is consistently negative.

When it comes to the pandemic, 52 percent of voters disapprove, foreign policy 54 percent disapprove, 58 percent disapprove on the economy, and 59 percent disapprove on border security.

The economy also seems to take center stage for many voters as 73 percent of voters say economic conditions are either fair or poor, which is a 7 point increase from last December’s 66 percent. 85 Percent of voters are worried about inflation; of this figure, 81 percent are Democrats, and 91 percent are Republicans.