Biden Gets The Worst News Ever

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Biden should resign.

On Sunday (May 22), data from a CBS News poll showed a large portion of Americans feel frustrated, uneasy, or worried about the country, and those that think the economy is in a poor state have increased.

The data collected by YouGov on behalf of CBS News shows that 63 percent of participants describe the state of the nation as “uneasy,” and 61 percent of participants described it as “frustrated.”

The most significant jump had to do with the state of the economy. In Sunday’s poll, 69 percent of participants said the economy is bad, a 23-point increase from the 46 percent who felt the same way about the economy in April 2021.

Then 74 percent said things in America are going badly, compared to 63 percent who felt the same way in April 2021.

Sentiments about the cost of goods and services had also skewed negatively, with 77 percent pessimistic about the cost of goods and services and 68 percent pessimistic about the national economy.

Overall, the poll showed that Americans holding a negative outlook on a variety of economic-related aspects are in the majority:

Sixty-seven percent of participants have a negative outlook regarding the stock market.
Fifty-seven percent had negative views about their retirement plans.
Sixty-five percent of participants said President Joe Biden was “slow” to respond to important issues.

The only positive takeaways from the poll came in the form of jobs and COVID-19.

Fifty-three percent of participants had an optimistic outlook about the coronavirus, and fifty-two percent are optimistic about jobs.