Biden Gets The BAD News

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Here’s what happened.

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace slammed President Joe Biden stating that he needs to be confronted because he has gone socialist after backing and following up on many major socialist programs and initiatives across the U.S. She stated that the current spending bill that is held up in congress is a good example of his socialist behavior.

Rep. Mace who was on Fox News while making these remarks said that Biden has to be confronted for going “full-on socialist” and pushing the spending bill that was made by Democrats in congress. She stated that his behavior has caused the Democratic party to fall into chaos which has left out all moderates in the party. She stated that his latest push for the spending bill in congress has left a lot of Democrats and liberals in “disarray” and created a divide between moderate and extreme Democrats that are in the party.

She continued her statement adding that Biden is most comparable to “Jayapal and AOC and Bernie Sanders” after his recent push of the spending bill. Mace said that Biden is attempting to force this bill through congress without working with anyone except those who fit with his needs. She stated that Biden has created a “total mess” because of this and added that Americans are paying the price for his actions. She went on to say that the recent jobs report and the layoffs for those who did not get vaccinated are all President Biden’s fault.

She concluded her statement saying that this push for Biden’s socialist efforts needs to be stopped before the U.S faces any major consequences.