Biden Furious Over Republicans’ New Plan

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

Americans have the right to know.

2022 has started poorly for President Joe Biden. It seems like this trajectory will only worsen as House Republicans reveal they plan to use Biden’s inauguration anniversary to publicize a range of the President’s “failures” from his first year in office.

The plan –– intended to prove the GOP is better equipped to lead –– will emphasize Biden’s first year in office has been nothing more than crisis after crisis

The contents of the internal memo, first reported on by Fox News Digital, reveal the strategy the GOP will take to ensure the party succeeds in the midterm elections and beyond.

The memo –– written by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IND.) and sent to the Republican Study Committee –– reveals that the Republican party will use Biden’s first anniversary to “reflect on the policy failures of this Administration.”

Circulated to Republican Study Committee members and conservative insiders, the four-page memo details 10 of Biden’s failed policies that include: Afghanistan, the border, Big Tech, China, crime, faith in the elections, education, inflation, the Middle East, and the supply chain. Each of these “self-made crises” is contrasted by a GOP approach to solving them.

Senate Republicans will also leverage Biden’s one-year anniversary to draw attention to what they term a failure, according to a Senate Republican aide.

The anniversary, which takes place on January 20, will follow a week of disappointing blows to Biden’s first year as President. Quinnipiac University released a poll that showed Biden’s approval ratings had slid to 33%, his vaccine mandate for private businesses being blocked by the Supreme Court, and hold-out Democrats destroying Biden’s filibuster plans.

In defense of these “disappointments,” Biden pointed to passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill as a major accomplishment. Saying, “this is something we did get done, and it’s of enormous consequence to the country.”

But his detractors remained skeptical, with Banks noting in the memo that he believed Biden’s second year in the Presidency would be even worse than the first.