Biden FREEZES; Needs HELP!

Joe Biden

( – In further embarrassment for Joe Biden and the Democrats, yet another underreported instance in which Biden froze in public has now been exposed, as he experienced difficulty recalling the term “veteran” during a fundraising event last year, necessitating assistance from those present.

The Wall Street Journal on Monday offered a detailed account of the 81-year-old president’s increasing recent missteps, particularly during pivotal fundraising activities, amidst rising concerns about his fitness for a second term in office.

During a gathering at the Four Seasons in New York in June 2023, Biden engaged the audience with a brief speech lasting between five to ten minutes before opening the floor to questions.

It was during this interactive session that he encountered a significant lapse, failing to remember the term “veteran,” much to the astonishment of the attendees.

This lapse was particularly poignant as Biden, who frequently expresses pride in his late son Beau Biden’s service in the Iraq War, struggled to find the right word.

Biden resorted to asking the attendees for help, describing his intent to reference someone who had served in the Army or Navy.

Further reporting by the Journal highlighted additional fundraising events where Biden’s delivery was notably slower or marked by verbal stumbling. A participant from a southern Florida event noted that while Biden appeared slower, he did not seem cognitively impaired.

Another instance of verbal stumbling occurred around the time of the United Nations General Assembly in New York last fall, where Biden seemed momentarily lost for words during a discussion on the Middle East, until an aide discreetly provided assistance.

In response to inquiries about these incidents, Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz defended the president, criticizing the credibility of anonymous sources and emphasizing the campaign’s focus.

“None of them change the facts at play this election and what this campaign will be focused on every single day: that President Biden is the most accomplished president in modern history,” Munoz stated.

The report also noted that Biden’s closest aides have been protective, limiting his travel and interactions with the media and lawmakers.

This strategy emerges in the backdrop of bipartisan criticism concerning Biden’s mental acuity, particularly after a challenging debate against former President Donald Trump.

Addressing this criticism, Biden reassured congressional Democrats in a letter, asserting his commitment to continue his presidential campaign for 2024, albeit without direct reference to his debated performance or the associated concerns about his age and mental health.

The letter instead concentrated on criticizing Trump, following calls from several senior House Democrats for Biden to withdraw from the race.

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