Biden Dumping Illegals In Your City

Photo by Ash Gerlach on Unsplash

Biden is playing a dirty game.

According to a representative for Texas 11th district, August Pfluger, the Biden administration plans to bus immigrants away from the states overwhelmed border towns and has been scouting other cities in the state to offload these immigrants.

One of the towns in question is San Angelo, Texas, three hours from the border, Pfluger confirmed.

Pfluger mentioned that San Angelo is “a welcoming community” before adding that the “locality has not volunteered for this mission, nor are they responsible for the burdens of the border crisis.”

Pfluger then went on to blame the Biden administration’s “short-sighted policies that encourage more illegal immigration” and the Department of Homeland Security’s “failure to establish operational control of the southern border.”

County commissioner in Val Verde County, Texas, Robert Beau Nettleton, agreed with Pfluger’s statements about the Biden administration’s short-sighted policies, saying: “Yes, it will relieve some of the pressure off of the border communities, but then it’s going to create a problem in other communities.”

Pfluger noted that he learnt about the situation through law enforcement, who expressed concern about the town’s ability to absorb any immigrants, given the town’s population of 100,000.

Pfluger also sent a letter to the DHS in which he demanded the department reveals its plans to drop off immigrants in San Angelo and other Texas cities and whether these communities would be given any advance notice that illegal immigrants would be arriving and whether local leaders would receive background checks of those arriving.

Pfluger also admitted that he had been contacted by Customs and Border Protection and was told that so far, San Angelo was only being considered as a potential location to bus migrants.

He added that these comments only made him believe “that they’re looking at other locations or that plans can change in the future.”