Biden Dropping Out?!

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

“What is the ideal moment for Biden to bow out of the competition?”

This is the primary subject of a recent article in The Hill by Douglas MacKinnon, former speechwriter for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

At the age of 80, Biden is known for his occasional slips and falls, as well as his infamous gaffes. His most recent stumble happened when he was meeting King Charles at Buckingham Palace, which he appeared shaky during. Biden also infrequently interacts with the press, and when he does, it seems as though he may have been given the questions beforehand.

MacKinnon reveals that several Democrats, even those who are avid supporters of the president, have expressed unease about Biden’s potential run in 2024.

“I have previously suggested that I doubt Biden will be the Democratic nominee in 2024. While the president, his administration, and his allies may swiftly dismiss such conjecture as baseless or hopeful conjecture, what happens if my speculation, shared by others, proves accurate?” MacKinnon raises this question in his piece.

MacKinnon proposes that Biden should bow out of the race “immediately.”

Lyndon Johnson was the last sitting president who decided not to seek re-election. Johnson exited the race at the end of March in 1968, less than six months before Election Day, shortly after Robert F. Kennedy announced his run.

It’s interesting to note that when Johnson left the race, his approval rating was at a mere 38.7%. Currently, Biden’s approval rating is slightly higher, at 41.2%.

MacKinnon draws a parallel between Johnson’s late exit and Biden’s present predicament.

“The question was partly due to the lack of faith in Vice President Hubert Humphrey’s ability to secure the White House should he become the Democratic nominee. That worry was realized when Humphrey did become the nominee and was soundly defeated in the general election by Republican Richard Nixon,” he notes.

Many Democrats are anxious about the possibility of Vice President Kamala Harris stepping up and securing the nomination, as her approval rating is even lower than Biden’s at 39.2%. Furthermore, doubts exist about Harris’s readiness for combat. Democratic sources disclosed to Reuters News Agency that Biden has concerns about Harris’s work style and doubts her ability to defeat a Republican in the 2024 presidential election.

One noteworthy point in the campaign—which has already commenced—is Biden’s seemingly lackadaisical effort. His campaign has only 20 staff members and there’s no official headquarters yet. Politico, a liberal news outlet, has raised concerns about this strategy.

“Biden’s cost-effective approach may maintain his low approval ratings and impede his ability to outline his campaign strategy, particularly when the Republican candidates are fiercely contesting their own primary. Obama, his former boss, took decisive action in preparation for his campaign against Mitt Romney during the summer before the election year,” was written in an article titled “Biden’s Frugal Campaign Strategy.”

For the record, I echo the sentiment that Biden will not run in 2024. Like Johnson in 1968, I predict Biden will step down soon after a charismatic and widely popular, younger candidate steps forward—most likely California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who boasts a strong approval rating of 56% among state residents.

The reason for Biden’s “frugal” campaign is simple: he isn’t genuinely in the race. He isn’t even putting forth the minimum effort.