Biden Breaks The American Spirit

Photo by Donovan Reeves on Unsplash

Along with most of the world, Americans believed as the world’s preeminent superpower, the U.S. had tremendous influence, but a recent survey shows that nearly half of Americans believe that influence is waning.

A survey conducted by Pew Pollsters found that 47 percent of Americans believe that — on the global stage — the nation’s influence is weakening.

Nineteen percent believed the opposite that the U.S.’s influence on the global stage is waving, while the remainder (34 percent) believe there isn’t any change in the U.S.’s influence.

The survey’s findings are likely to surprise Democrats most, as they believed that a Joe Biden Presidency would increase the U.S.’s influence — as they thought he was a better alternative to former President Donald Trump.

Democrats pointed to President Joe Biden’s ability to restore the U.S.’s declining reputation on the world stage and elevate the country among its economic allies and rivals.

For several quarters during Trump’s Presidency, the former President received low marks for his handling of international affairs.

However, the recent survey didn’t query Biden’s performance, making it challenging to ascertain whether Americans think Biden is doing a better job than his predecessor.

Nevertheless, on questions it asked, most Americans (58 percent) who believed the country’s influence had diminished also didn’t support Biden or Democrats.

The survey also found Americans were among the most dispirited nations of the 18 surveyed, with no other country having a larger share of respondents concerned that their nation’s influence was waning.