Biden Announces ‘Historic Donation’

( – While America is falling apart by the day, Joe Biden revealed at the 2024 NATO Summit that he would make a “historic donation of air defense equipment” to Ukraine.

As Ukraine continues its defense against Russia, Biden stated, “The United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, and Italy will provide Ukraine with equipment for five additional strategic air defense systems in the coming months.”

“[The] United States and our partners intend to provide Ukraine with dozens of additional tactical air defense systems. [The] United States will make sure that when we export critical air defense interceptors, Ukraine goes to the front of the line,” he continued.

Biden administration officials said this week’s NATO summit will serve as a “bridge” to Ukraine’s eventual NATO membership.

Moreover, under Article 5 of NATO’s founding treaty, any member of the alliance, including the U.S., must send troops to defend another NATO member that has been attacked. If Ukraine joined NATO, the U.S. would have to join the country’s war with Russia.

Biden warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to wipe Ukraine off the map, “And we know, Putin won’t stop in Ukraine. But make no mistake, Ukraine can and will stop Putin.”

“Together, we build a global coalition to stand with Ukraine,” he said. “Together, we provide significant economic and humanitarian assistance, and together, we’ve supplied Ukraine with weapons it needs to defend itself—tanks, armored fighting vehicle[s], air defense system[s], long range missiles, and millions of munitions.”

Likewise, the 81-year-old Democrat asserted that Russia is failing in its war against Ukraine. He said that Kyiv was supposed to fall in five days and reminded Americans that it was still standing two and a half years later and will continue to stand.

“Today, it is still a free country, and the war will end with Ukraine remaining a free and independent country,” Biden stated. “Russia will not prevail.”

Biden also reminded America of its “sacred obligation” to other countries.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a pivotal moment for Europe, for the transatlantic community, and—I might add—to the world,” he said. “Let’s remember the fact that NATO remains the bulwark of global security.”

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