‘Beautiful Conservative Women’ Calendar Released

(TheProudRepublic.com) – In a powerful act of defying the march of transgenderism constantly imposed upon Americans by the radicalizing leftist propaganda, a pro-American beer company has released a 2024 calendar aptly entitled, “Conservative Dad’s Real Women Of America.”

Ultra Right Beer company unveiled its conservative calendar for the year 2024 on Wednesday, featuring former college swimmer and conservative activist Riley Gaines.

The calendars, proudly made in America, showcase a variety of “beautiful conservative women,” including notable figures such as Gaines, Ashley St. Clair, Dana Loesch, and Josie “The Redheaded Libertarian,” as detailed on the company’s website.

The calendar aims to honor “conservative women who are fighting woke extremists to preserve real women,” as cited by The Daily Caller.

A portion of the proceeds from the calendar sales, specifically 10%, will be donated to the Riley Gaines Center.

This organization is dedicated to safeguarding women’s sports from the participation of biological men.

Gaines has garnered attention for her outspoken opposition to transgenderism in sports and, more specifically, to biological male Lia Thomas competing in women’s swimming at their college.

The calendar has generally received a positive reception, with significant enthusiasm shown for Josie The Redheaded Libertarian’s Ms. November photo.

However, not all responses have been favorable. Criticisms have emerged, with one comment highlighting the incongruity of “stripper heels while cooking a pie next to Jesus. [Please] pick a lane.”

“This is tacky, I understand the impulse to ‘own the libs,’ but even attempting a conservative version of this is conceding to a worldview that 100% left-wing,” declared another critic expressing discomfort with the calendar’s concept.

Josie addressed this critique with a meme response, asking, “Why are you gay?”

The calendar’s release comes against the backdrop of ongoing debates and controversies surrounding biological women’s representation and rights.

A notable instance occurred back in December when Maxim included a man in its “100 Hottest Women” list, overlooking his past guilty plea for stalking a woman and possessing methamphetamine in 2020.