Arrested Gold Star Dad Speaks Out

( – Following a baffling development where he saw himself detained for seeking answers, Steve Nikoui, a Gold Star father, found himself in a moral dilemma over attending Joe Biden’s State of the Union address as a guest of Representative Brian Mast.

The event was significant because Nikoui’s son, Marine Kareem Nikoui, was tragically killed during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Despite his reservations, Nikoui decided to attend, driven by a deep need for recognition and acknowledgment of his son and the 12 other fallen service members.

When Biden asserted that America has become safer during the speech, Nikoui, driven by a mix of grief and yearning for acknowledgment, impulsively stood up, voiced the names of his son and Abbey Gate and questioned if Biden remembered them.

Following his peaceful protest, he was led out by Capitol police, arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for his actions, which ignited discussions across the political spectrum.

In a heartfelt Zoom conversation with The Daily Wire, Nikoui, resembling any other father on a weekend, shared his story without pretense or prepared statements.

His actions at the State of the Union, surprising even to him, stemmed from a deep-rooted disappointment in how the current administration has handled the memory of the service members lost in Afghanistan.

Although Nikoui expressed respect for the presidency, he could not mask his dismay over Biden’s previous State of the Union address, where Afghanistan was briefly mentioned without honoring the 13 service members.

Instead, Biden transitioned to discussing his son, Beau, and environmental concerns, which left Nikoui in tears since he was craving just a simple acknowledgment of the fallen soldiers including his son.

Nikoui holds the Biden administration accountable for his son’s death and criticized the shift from a well-established withdrawal plan that, if followed, he believes could have saved his son.

Throughout the discussion Nikoui’s faith was a recurring theme since it guided him toward forgiveness, even as he sought accountability for the administration’s grave mistakes.

Despite the potential legal consequences of his misdemeanor charge, Nikoui remains unapologetic and firm in his belief that his protest did not disrespect or dishonor his son or the service members’ shared sacrifice.

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