Anti-Israel Walkouts Disrupt More Graduation Ceremonies (Video)

( – Pro-terrorism and anti-Israel walkouts by delusional far-left extremists have disrupted more graduation ceremonies, this time at Yale and George Washington universities, as students, along with some parents and faculty, participated in the vile protests.

See video footage from the protesters in the tweets below!

Pro-Palestinian protests at commencement ceremonies have become more common in recent weeks, The College Fix points out in a report.

The latest incidents at Yale and George Washington join other demonstrations at Columbia, NYU, and Northeastern graduations, where some students have disrupted the events to voice their grievances.

News reports indicate that participants in these walkouts are often booed.

At Yale, it is estimated that several hundred people walked out during the commencement ceremony to support the Palestinian Arab cause.

Videos posted on social media show activists in caps and gowns holding signs, waving Palestinian flags, and chanting, “disclose, divest, we will not stop, we will not rest” and “free, free Palestine.”

Before the walkout, Yale President Peter Salovey “was interrupted by boos and cries of ‘shame’ by groups of pro-Palestinian student demonstrators in the crowd, who have expressed vocal criticism of the University in recent weeks for its decision not to divest from weapons manufacturers,” the Yale Daily News reported.

“During the conferral of student prizes, some students stood up and turned to parents and family members in the audience with handmade banners that read slogans like ‘2024 imagines a free Palestine’ or ‘Yale divest,’” the report reads.

“Towards the end of the ceremony, during a student-led segment dedicated to revisiting class memories, Alanah Armstead ’24 urged the audience to remember that ‘there are no graduations in Gaza, in Palestine, for students and children we will never meet,'” it adds.

Armstead concluded her address by calling out “free, free Palestine,” which drew a response from some students.

“Chants of ‘free Palestine’ continued uninterrupted in the student section for about 45 seconds before the next student speaker began their remarks. Other chants of “USA” broke out in the student section, along with some boos from the family seating area,” the report informs further.

At George Washington University, a similar scene occurred.

“The protesting graduates and other ceremony attendees joined the around 50 mostly college-aged protestors, including GW students, who had been across the street chanting throughout the ceremony,” NBC News reported.

“We got a lot of pushback from a lot of guests — chanting the national anthem at us, telling us to go home, go back to our country. But the students really stood in solidarity together, it was really nice,” on protester said.

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