America’s Main Issues Heading Into Midterms

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

With less than two months to go until the Midterm elections, there are several critical issues candidates will home in on to win voters over; these include:


The June ruling to overturn Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court has ushered abortion rights back into the political debate.

While Democrats will be using abortion rights and access to get more voters to show up to polls, by pointing out that to codify Roe v Wade, Democrats need to keep their Congressional majorities. Most recent polls place support for codifying Roe v Wade at 60 percent.

Kansas is an excellent example of how the abortion rights issue will play out on ballots. In August, the pro-abortion side won by 20 percentage points in the conservative state.


Despite border policies being an issue in border states and typically seen as a conservative issue, concerns about immigration can grow beyond deep red border towns. As Texas and Arizona send busloads of immigrants to so-called “sanctuary cities,” the border crisis is extending its reach to further afield.

Sentiment of Biden’s handling of the border crisis is also evident in recent polling by the Economist-YouGov, which places disapproval of Biden’s border policies at 49 percent.


Inflation is currently the most challenging political hurdle for Democrats. Inflation hit a forty-year record earlier in the year, and with that hit, President Joe Biden’s approval rating. Biden’s approval rating on inflation is still the lowest, with only 29 percent approving of the President’s handling of inflation, according to an ABC News-IPSOS poll conducted in August.