Americans Hit Ocasio-Cortez With Brutal Reality Check

Dimitri Rodriguez, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., faced a hostile crowd during a town hall on Friday with many participants appearing upset about the lawmaker’s position on key issues including immigrants, the debt ceiling, and funding for the Ukraine war.

One man in particular approached Ocasio-Cortez while holding a U.S. flag and shouting “American citizens before migrants.” He then proceeded to ask the liberal lawmaker what her position on immigration is and to call her a “piece of s–t.” The man also repeated the now disproven claim that military veterans were being removed from New York City hotels so that they could house migrants. The man was led away by security personnel.

One man, who stated that he was an Iraq War veteran, had attempted to calm the crowd down and expressed support for Ocasio-Cortez. As he stated while holding a microphone that the Congresswoman had given him, the immigrants were unrelated to the vets and he added that the current situation is different and things change.

When talking about the June 5 debt default deadline Ocasio-Cortez said that in her opinion the Biden administration should completely eliminate the debt limit. She further argued that if the debt ceiling was not increased, there would be chaos in the U.S. economy.
Other protestors at the town hall opposed the billions of dollars provided to Ukraine in military aid in connection to the war. The Biden administration has provided Ukraine close to $40 billion since the country was invaded by Russia in late February 2022.