Americans Flip On Biden

Adam Schultz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Voters feel the Biden Administration is no longer competent and effective, a stark contrast to polling from last year when they felt different about the Administration’s handling of inflation.

A Fox News national survey released on Wednesday (September 14) shows 78 percent of voters say they are experiencing financial hardship as a result of inflation, a three percentage point increase from July’s figures and an 11 percentage point increase from December 2021.

Of these voters, 34 percent describe their financial situation as “serious hardship,” a four percentage point increase from July, when only 30 percent felt the same.

On whether inflation is under control, more than half of voters (56 percent) believe it isn’t, a figure that’s remained relatively unchanged since March (55 percent).

The survey was conducted before August’s inflation numbers were released on Tuesday (September 13), showing consumer prices had increased.

In last year’s polling, 51 percent of voters described the Biden administration as competent and effective in managing the federal government. That figure sits at 38 percent, according to the latest poll.

The survey conducted between Friday (September 9) and Monday (September 12), shows that five times as many voters say they are “falling behind” in their personal financial situation than voters saying they are “getting ahead.”

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is also experiencing nominal improvement, as it sits at 43 percent in September’s polls, a three percentage point increase from July’s figures. However, his September figures are still a seven-point deficit compared to last September, when his approval rating was 50 percent.

Biden’s approval rating performs the best on climate change (44 percent), energy policy (42 percent), and foreign policy (38 percent) but takes the biggest knock on inflation (29 percent) and immigration (32 percent).