American Voters Ditch Supreme Court?

Photo by Adam Szuscik on Unsplash

Several polls have shown that Americans have declining faith in the U.S. Supreme Court’s impartiality, with figures hitting the lowest in decades.

Hovering around the lowest public approval in history, the nine-justice panel has lost Americans’ faith because many believe the institution has become rooted in politics instead of the law.

A Pew Research study conducted in August 2022 showed that most Americans believed justices were being influenced by their partisan views.

Republicans were more likely to have positive views of the Supreme Court, with three-quarters approving of the High Court’s job performance.

Democrats didn’t share that same view. Instead, Democrats’ approval of the Supreme Court’s job performances had plummeted to 13 percent.

The sharp decline in confidence followed the Court’s controversial Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision.

While many conservatives have praised the ruling, the decision defiled many Americans’ views about abortion — being that it should be legal.

But it isn’t only the Dobbs decision that lowered liberals’ faith in the Supreme Court; they are also angered by the political maneuvering that led to the appointment of three consecutive Justices under the Republicans’ Senate majority.

Many believe the appointment of conservative justices caused the Court to be out of sync with the American public.

The Supreme Court is the most conservative its been in decades, with six of the nine Justices holding conservative views. Moreover, all six of these conservative Justices were raised Catholic, which Democrats point to as showing the Court no longer mirrors the U.S. Public — of which only one-fifth consider themselves Catholic.