Abbott Agrees With Trump (VIDEO)

( – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has voiced his agreement with former President Donald Trump regarding the treatment of frozen embryos.

During a “State of the Union” interview on CNN (see the video below) with Dana Bash, Abbott discussed the recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling that embryos should be considered human beings.

When asked about his stance on whether embryos are human beings, Abbott responded, “Well, listen, obviously, there’s some uncertainty lingering from this, but, candidly, let’s go back to President Trump, because President Trump put out a statement on this that I think a lot of people agree with. And that is a goal that we all kind of want to achieve. And that is, we want to make it easier for people to be able to have babies, not make it harder. And the IVF process is a way of giving life to even more babies. And so what I think the goal is, is to make sure that we can find a pathway to ensure that parents who otherwise may not have the opportunity to have a child will be able to have access to the IVF process and become parents and give life to babies.”

He also talked about the complexity of navigating new legal territories regarding this issue, “And because this is a relatively new issue, we’re just going to have to find ways to navigate laws and fact situations that are very complicated.”

Bash questioned if Abbott intended to urge the Texas legislature to address this matter and maintain the legality of IVF.

Abbott expressed confidence that Texas would tackle the issue, “So, for one, I have no doubt that Texas will be among the states that will be addressing this issue when we can bring together all the different fact scenarios about what could happen. Listen, as you know, Texas is a pro-life state. And we want to do everything possible that we can to maintain Texas being a pro-life state. But, at the very same time, I think Texans agree with what President Trump said. And that is, we as a state want to ensure that we promote life, we bring more life into the world, and we empower parents to be able to have more children.”

You can check Abbott’s reaction to Alabama’s Supreme Court Ruling HERE: