A ‘Threat’ to Businesses?!

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(TheProudRepublic.com) – Voicing his concerns, House Intelligence Chair Mike Turner (R-Ohio) spoke up on Sunday about the recent court decision against former President Trump in a New York civil fraud case.

Trump was ordered to pay nearly $355 million for inflating the value of his properties. Turner, on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said this verdict could be bad news for all businesses.

“Actually, I don’t trust this court decision. You know, being a practicing lawyer in commercial transactions, I think the whole premise of the case, which all legal analysts have said is unusual, is not really justifiable,” Turner stated. He believes the case, if it stands after appeals, threatens every business, especially those in New York.

Trump plans to appeal the decision.

Kristen Welker of NBC asked Turner if this ruling affects Trump’s reliability as a leader. Turner shifted the focus to Trump’s previous tenure as president. “You know, all of those issues were taken into consideration as the — as the country elected him to president last time. And his record as president is what we really need to look at. Our country was stronger. Our economy was stronger. And — and I think our border certainly being secured is probably the most important issue that Americans are going to look at,” he answered.

He also mentioned border security, a hot topic during Trump’s presidency. “The 8 million people who have gone across the border during the Biden administration is absolutely an invasion. This is something that President Trump had addressed. And the fact that President Biden reversed by executive orders that — those issues that had been put in place to protect our country are going to be important to voters,” Turner added.

Trump himself criticized Judge Arthur Engoron, who handed down the penalty, during a rally in Michigan. “Our court system is a mess,” Trump said. “What’s happening in our country, they have to straighten it out. All you see is bitterness and revenge and hatred. Judge Engoron just fined me $355 million for doing everything right.”