5,000 Christians Killed

(TheProudRepublic.com) – As terrible and horrific as it sounds, the 2024 World Watch List, published by Open Doors Christian charity, has reported a significant rise in the persecution of Christians globally in 2023.

This alarming trend indicates that over 365 million Christians are facing “high levels” of persecution and discrimination for their faith. Shockingly, this means that one out of every seven Christians around the world is persecuted for their beliefs.

In the year 2023, the WWL documented almost 5,000 (4,998) Christians killed in relation to their faith, noting that this figure only includes confirmed cases.

The report also highlights a dramatic increase in attacks on Christian homes, which nearly quadrupled (+371 percent) from 2022, jumping from 4,547 to 21,431 incidents.

Additionally, the number of attacks on churches, Christian schools, and hospitals surged sevenfold, from 2,110 in 2022 to 14,766 in 2023.

The report also sheds light on the physical violence and threats faced by Christians, with 42,849 experiencing such abuse. Furthermore, the number of Christians who were forced to flee their homes or go into hiding more than doubled from the previous year, totaling 278,716.

North Korea remains the most perilous country for Christians, as noted in the 2024 WWL, continuing its position from the 2023 report.

In this country, where the regime is notoriously hostile to Christianity, being identified as a Christian can lead to immediate execution or deportation to labor camps as a political criminal. Many Christians are believed to be suffering in these camps under brutal conditions.

The WWL emphasizes that the majority of the top ten most dangerous countries for Christians are Muslim-majority nations, where radical Islam is the predominant driver of persecution.

For example, Somalia, which ranks second on the list, has seen a notable increase in anti-Christian violence. Islamic militants in Somalia are increasingly targeting Christian leaders, with mere suspicion of conversion from Islam to Christianity posing a lethal risk.

Libya’s jump to the third position on the WWL is due to the escalation in pressure and violence against Christians. The lack of a unified government in Libya allows radical Muslim groups to act with impunity, creating a perilous environment for Christians, especially those from Sub-Saharan Africa who are often in the country as displaced persons.